With just an acoustic guitar and a voice. I guarantee to turn heads and give one hell of a performance. Rootsy Americana style music with a pop core! Catchy hooks and a lead vocal full of confidence and an unexpected amount of soul.
josh meyers live at D NoteJosh Meyers playing in root40 liveJosh Meyers MusicJosh Meyers acoustic
josh Meyers live musicjosh meyers live at Chapmans breweryJosh Meyers collageblurry picture of josh meyers
“Denver pop acoustic singer Joshua Meyers delivers a charming collection of folky feel-good ear candy that's ideal for campfire sing-a-longs. Bursting with soul and positive energy, you won't be disappointed. "Sweet Thing" was my fav for it's heart-on-sleeve feel.”
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“'A young, folky acoustic guitar playing singer-songwriter with catchy pop-ready tracks. Josh Meyers is a quintessentially American artist and very listenable. One to watch.'”
Joe Forrester, TV Presenter
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